A dark And Finally this week……I was watching the local news on Friday night and following a story about a series of ram raids on rural shops to remove cash machines this story surfaced. It made me think if you put the two together that a sort of weirdness which links isolated and lonely places with deeply unpleasant activities arises. These are examples of rural crime with a Stephen King twist, made all the more worrying because of the lack of any quick response when these things happen and the sparsity of witnesses which makes the crimes themselves harder to solve and easier to get away with. Goodness alone knows how this body part found its way to New Waltham but Im glad I wasn’t the dog walker who found it….!

Part of a human leg was found close to a primary school by a dog walker near Grimsby, prompting a police investigation.

Humberside Police said officers and forensic experts were called to the scene on Thursday after it received a report of a suspected body part found on a foot path in New Waltham at about 6.45am.

Initial forensic examinations confirmed the limb as a small section of a human lower leg and foot.

“While we are still in the very early stages of the investigation, we can confirm it is human and is a small section of a lower leg and foot,” said Detective Inspector Rhodri Troake.

The Peaks Parkway Path, which runs behind the playing fields at New Waltham Academy, was immediately cordoned off. 

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