I would have struggled to see a connection between Elon Musk and the Museum of English Rural Life but I had not thought of the “Teslewe” until I read this article. Read on….

Have you heard the one about the sheep so big the CEO of Tesla made it his profile picture?

Elon Musk first tweeted the picture as a joke, but then went a step further by replacing his Twitter avatar with the image of the farmyard animal.

This did not sit right with the sheep photo’s owners, the Museum of English Rural Life, which soon made a change of its own.

Now visitors to its Twitter page will be greeted with Musk’s smiling face.

Musk is known for participating in running jokes and slang online, such as previously asking Twitter users for their “dankest memes” and releasing a rap song about Harambe, the gorilla shot dead in a US zoo who then became a social media touchstone. 

And he has been enjoying his time as a sheep by replying to genuine Tesla car customers with oblique sheep puns to thank them for their purchases.

Likewise, the Museum of English Rural Life regularly joins in with internet humour, and has used its time as Musk to tweet jokes about “electric sheep called Teslewe”.

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