As we wait for the outcome of a serious series of Parliamentary votes this week it sounds like we should be seeking some self help advice. This story tells us:

Sales of self-help books have reached record levels in the past year, as stressed-out Britons turn to celebrities, psychologists and internet gurus for advice on how to cope with uncertain times.

Three million such books were sold – a rise of 20% – according to figures from Nielsen Book Research, propelling self-improvement or pop psychology into one of the fastest-growing genres of publishing.

“People come into the shop and they’re really fed up about things. They’re looking for reassurances and peace of mind, so self-help books have become incredibly popular,” said Paul Sweetman, owner of City Books in the seaside town of Hove.

In 25 years of business, Sweetman says he’s never known customers more in need of uplifting reading than they are now – a result, he believes, of the political climate both here and abroad.

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