It’s all happening in Lincolnshire – rural police story lines will no doubt have us bursting at the seams with fenland tourists although as it takes a while to love our flat-lands this might be a slow burn……..

An ITV drama starring Rob Lowe as a rural police chief has been branded “criminally inaccurate” by a UK force.

In Wild Bill, the Brat Pack heart-throb plays a grizzled US lawman transferred from Miami to the fictional East Lincolnshire Police.

Episode one saw the one-time Tinseltown hellraiser throwing a cabbage and being booked for speeding on a bicycle.

In a tongue-in-cheek tweet, the real Lincolnshire Police said: “The inaccuracies are criminal”.

“It’s definitely not what we are really like.”

The force said it would pass “concerns about the officers portrayed” to AC-12 – the anti-corruption unit featured in the BBC’s Line of Duty.

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