On TV Chris Packham seems quite moderate, but when roused by planning related controversy in my own backyard he’s emotively vocal as this article reveals:

Chris Packham, the television presenter and naturalist, has accused a property developer of setting “wildlife traps” after it covered a hedgerow in netting on a site earmarked for 40 new homes.

The conservationist has joined local campaigners in condemning a move by Partner Construction to prevent birds nesting on rural land in Lincolnshire where the company has applied to build a new housing estate.

Pictures and a video have been posted online of the netting apparently trapping birds in what they called an “unnecessary attack on the natural world”.

The netting was set up on a long stretch of hedgerow in an attempt to prevent birds nesting, and consequently potentially halting until Autumn any construction.

He wrote: “It’s so utterly abhorrent that I feel sick. What has become of the agencies who should protect life from this? Is everything spent?”

He added that “if I were there I would rip those nets down. Do it.”

A mystery activist has now removed some of the netting, with the developers claiming whoever vandalised the mesh is responsible for any birds becoming trapped.

Campaigners are angry that the netting was installed before North Lincolnshire Council has ruled on whether the development should even go ahead.

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