This is long overdue – if it does come and I hope it does, lets hope its directed insightfully not just based on pumping more money into a failing system. The answer lies in creating micro-enterprises of mutualized care workers addressing market failure by directing more of the available resource to delivery rather than on-costs. But Im sure you knew that anyway!!!! This story tells us…

Primary and community healthcare in England will benefit from a real-terms boost of £3.5bn a year by 2023/24, the government has announced.

The spending, part of the NHS long term plan backed by £20.5bn over the next five years, is intended to improve care in the home, and thereby avoid patients unnecessarily going to – or staying in – hospital.

It will help fund 24/7 community-based rapid response teams made up of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists to provide urgent care and support for patients better treated at home than in hospital.

Additionally, the cash will go on assigning healthcare professionals to care homes where they get to know individual residents’ needs and can provide tailored treatment and support. The teams, including pharmacists and GPs, will also offer emergency care out of hours.

Announcing the funding increase on Thursday before a visit to a north London health centre, Theresa May said: “Many patients would be much better off being cared for in the community.

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