Controversial stuff this – both in terms of the Speaker of the House of Commons coming off the fence and the nature of his comments about the issue. We in Lincolnshire have lots of positive experience of migrant workers who are crucial to our land based businesses. The article tells us:

The arrival of thousands of workers from eastern Europe has had “great advantages” for Britain, John Bercow said.

In remarks that have raised questions about his political neutrality, the Speaker also attacked British critics of recent trends in immigration for their “bellicose and strident tone”.

As Speaker, Mr Bercow is expected to stay out of active political debates. Ministers and MPs are currently debating how Britain should prepare for next year’s lifting of European immigration restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians.

In remarks on a visit to Romania last week, Mr Bercow appeared to give his support for policies that have allowed eastern Europeans to travel to Britain and work.

Since 2004, about one million eastern Europeans have come to Britain under European Union freedom of movement rules.

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