Another in the long line of Dimbleby providing a useful and food for thought based service. This story tells us:

The co-founder of Leon restaurants, Henry Dimbleby, is to lead a government review into England’s food system so it is “safe, healthy and affordable”.

The review will examine the food system “from field to fork” and address what needs to change in the face of climate concerns and population growth.

Mr Dimbleby said he planned to talk to people “from across the food chain… and ensure everyone has a say”.

He added that he hoped to convene a “citizens’ assembly” on the issues.

“I am very keen to talk to people who have diabetes, those on low incomes, farmers who are not part of the political process,” he explained.

“Populations are growing, diet-related conditions are harming the lives of millions, and climate change is altering what our land will yield. But we can change that,” said Mr Dimbleby, whose success with Leon led him to found the Sustainable Restaurant Association in 2009.

Citizens’ assemblies have become an increasingly popular forum for scrutinising nationwide issues and have been used to effect constitutional change on abortion in Ireland.

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