Very bad news here once the summer is over for vulnerable older people in rural England…..

Millions of EDF customers will be hit with the second hike in their energy bills in four months, prompting criticism from the government as it prepares to step in to protect consumers.

From 21 June, 1.5m households on the supplier’s dual fuel standard tariff will be paying 8.5% or £91 more a year than they were before March.

The rise will strengthen Theresa May’s hand for the regulatory intervention that she has threatened.

A government spokesman said: “This price rise, branded ‘difficult to justify’ by Ofgem, will hit around half of EDF’s customers.

“It’s another sign the market isn’t working, and we will shortly set out proposals to help energy consumers as part of the government’s Plan for Britain.”

The French firm blamed the increase on rising wholesale energy costs and government policies paid through bills, which include schemes to alleviate fuel poverty and support low carbon power.

Five of the big six energy companies have raised their prices in recent months, with only British Gas promising to freeze them until August.

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