I feature this story to raise the profile of this major plan which I suspect as with almost everything the NHS does will have no rural context. It tells us:

Theresa May’s 10-year plan for the NHS lacks both the staffing and funding to succeed, Labour has said.

The PM has promised the publication of the plan on Monday will lead to “world class” care for patients in England.

Pledges on maternity care, mental health, elderly support and earlier detection and prevention of diseases will be included in the plan.

But shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth said Mrs May was just trying to “clear up a mess that she has made”.

Appearing on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Mr Ashworth said: “The funding isn’t sufficient and the staffing isn’t there.”

He added the NHS “doesn’t need 10 more years of the Tories, it needs a Labour government”.

However, Mrs May said that, coupled with the extra money announced last summer, her plan secured the future of the NHS.

The budget is due to rise by £20bn a year above inflation by 2023, though a detailed explanation of where that money will come from has not yet been provided.

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