Analogies are really good for putting things into context.  People I have met may recall my fascination with the fact that if England was a football pitch all the buildings in it would fail to fill one penalty area. Makes you think. On the same basis this article about the areas of tress that needs to be planted to offset climate change is very thought provoking. It tells us:

An area nearly half the size of London should be planted with new trees every year to help tackle climate change, environmental experts have said.

Covering 70,000 hectares with new woodland across the UK annually would result in a net total of zero carbon emissions from farming, according to the think tank Green Alliance.

London covers 159,000 hectares.

Calling for more ambitious action on greenhouse gas emissions, a report by the alliance also advises the government to introduce a raft of measures including urging people to eat “less and better” meat and more plant-based foods.

The mass tree-planting scheme needs to start immediately to meet the National Farmers Union’s target of net zero carbon emissions from land use by 2040, the alliance believes.

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